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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

The timing of bird migration in autumn is changing (23.12.2022)
The new report that BirdLife Norway has produced on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency with data from Jomfruland and Lista bird observatories shows important differences in relation to when different species migrate in autumn.
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Fieldworker/ringer for spring 2023 offer (30.11.2022)
We are looking for a field worker for the spring season 2023, from March 14. Duration: 4-8 weeks. Application deadline: 31 January
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Report from spring 2022 (16.06.2022)
Lista Bird Observatory completed in 2022 its 33rd consecutive year of spring ringing campaign.
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The annual report for 2021 is available! (16.02.2022)
By the end of 2021, the standardized trapping scheme at Jomfruland and Lista Bird Observatories (BO) have been carried out for 32 years. This report presents both long-term trends and data from the 2021 trapping season for 48 species included in the scheme.
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Report from autumn 2021 (22.11.2021)
Lista Bird Observatory completed in 2021 its 32nd consecutive year of autumn ringing campaign. The station has been run for a total of 124 days from July 15 until November 15. 13 mist-nets have been currently used on the standardized program (138 meters) and the results have been much below average with 2596 birds ringed (average for autumn is 4062) of 57 different species.
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Lista Bird Race 2021 (09.09.2021)
On Saturday, August 28, we arranged the Lista Bird Race. This year it was a reduced program with only Lista Bird Race, barbecue and Quiz. This time there were no lectures on Saturday or family day on Sunday. Despite a more modest arrangement, there was good support and a new species for the station appeared in the nets!
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Ringing numbers are now 45% below average! (06.09.2021)
A total of 715 birds were ringed during the first 7 weeks of the autumn campaign on the standardized monitoring (1057 birds in 2020 for the same period). This period has been hotter and much drier than average. Since 1990, the months of July and August 2021, show some of the lowest numbers in terms of standardized ringing. The ringing numbers for this period are 45% below average.
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Volunteer position autumn 2021 (31.07.2021)
Lista Bird Observatory requires a volunteer assistant for the autumn 2021, from aprox. Sept 15 to Oct 23. We run standardized ringing campaigns, census and daily migration counts of both passerines and seabirds. Approximately 4000 birds are ringed every autumn.
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Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
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Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Little Auk180-97%
European Reed Warbler3-96%
Bearded Reedling1-94%
Two-barred Crossbill6-93%
Great Skua18-91%
Common Stonechat287+2256%
Purple Sandpiper173+779%
Canada Goose139+486%
European Goldfinch3653+469%
European Shag7279+439%
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