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Volunteers 2016

Lista Bird Observatory offers the opportunity for volunteers to stay at the observatory for collaborating with biological and ornithological practice. Volunteers can be students who need to enrich their studies or training, or people who want to learn about bird ringing and our work at the station.

Here you can read a short description of the last volunteers that have been at the station.

Anne-Marie bilde
Nick Hart
Nick grew up in Zimbabwe where he started birding at a young age, and where he first learned how to ring birds. He now lives in Perth, Australia where he studies zoology and genetics at university, while still birdwatching and ringing in his spare time. Currently he is on a three-month holiday travelling around Europe, including one month volunteering at Lista which is his first time ringing European birds!

Anne-Marie bilde
Charlotte Hallerud
Charlotte has a masters degree in biology from NTNU, which is were her interest for birds and bird ringing began. She participated in a ringing course at Lista in May, and is now back as a volunteer to get som more training in bird ringing and learn more about monitoring of birds! She is working for getting the license soon.

Anne-Marie bilde
Robin Joy
Robin comes from South West England. He is currently in his final year of a Natural Sciences degree. After birding as young boy he has rediscovered his interest in birds in the last few years. Following a summer volunteering on a jackdaw study in the UK, he has come to Lista to learn how to ring. He is also eager to improve his ID skills and gain some survey experience. He got to ring his first birds at Lista, being the first one a Goldcrest!

Anne-Marie bilde
Einar Selvåg
Einar comes from Tysvær, Haugesund. His interest for birds started when he was 10 years old. Nowadays he is using most of his free time in bird ringing and some birding tours. Einar is a professional cook and has got a free permit at work this autumn. He has taken this opportunity to spend some time at Lista Bird Observatory as a volunteer, helping out with the migration counts and the ringing of Blue Tits, Owls and migrating species.

Anne-Marie bilde
Karin Schlechta
Karin is a professional musician. She studied Violin at the Conservatory of Vienna (AUT). She plays in several orchestras in Vienna and teaches Violin in a music School. Since her sabbatical year in Australia (2010) she is heavily into birds and spends most of her free time birdwatching. She has also studied biology at the University of Vienna and visited several Bird Observatories around the world in Australia, Canada, Sweden and Austria. She is eager to increase her identification skills of seabirds and to get more ringing experience with the help of the Lista-Team.

Anne-Marie bilde
Back to Lista BO for the third time, it has become a point to put down a few days here in my calendar, have become very fond of this place! Just finished first year of my bachelor degree in ecology and natural resource management at NMBU university. The interest for birds and nature in general is ever growing and I am understanding more and more the importance of collecting standardized data. I hope to manage to come to LIBO more times this autumn and the upcoming spring!

Anne-Marie bilde
Karmele Gallastegi
Karmele comes from the Basque Country. After studying forest management, she started ringing in several volunteer projects and she liked it so much that she decided to prepare to become a bird ringer. Now she is at Lista trying to get more knowledge about sea bird identification. She is also getting prepared for the bird ringing exam while she meets new people. In the Aranzadi Society of Sciences she got to know Svana.

Anne-Marie bilde
Svana Rogalla
Svana is a German student of Landscape Ecology. Karmele and Svana got along so well that they have come together to Lista Bird Observatory and will travel through Norway the next weeks. Svana, before getting her first bird ringing experiences at Aranzadi, has been working with sea turtles in Greece, studying grass snakes in Germany and photoidentyfying whales in Iceland. Now she is looking forward to assisting in the sea bird monitoring and ring birds with us.

Anne-Marie bilde
Njål Sølvberg
Njål is from Sandnes but lived at Lista from 1963 to 1971. He has been a member of NOF since 1964 and is now retired. Njål wants to learn more about ornithology by joining the standardized ringing and the station work. Njål has a holiday home at Lista and now have the time and opportunity to be a more active ringer and birdwatcher. He comes to the observatory quite often and is very useful!

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