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Flock of geese migrating south
Flock of geese migrating south
With quality optical equipment, we hope to give the public a good bird watching experience
Gift to build a new sea watching hide and new optical equipment

A hare in Vågsvollvika
A hare in Vågsvollvika
There's also other wildlife to look at from the lighthouse area.

The observatory has received a donation of NOK 360.000 from the DNB NOR Savings Bank Foundation for a new sea watching hide, and new binoculars and telescopes for bird watching.

By M. Wold
There are many plans for the observatory in 2012. One of the most important things that will happen is the building of a new hide for seabird watching. The Savings Bank Foundation has donated NOK 360.000 to the observatory for realizing our plans. The gift also includes binoculars and telescopes for bird wathching to give the public a good nature- and bird watching experiences around the Lighthouse area. The gift was given to us based on the countless hours of volunteer work that has gone into Lista Bird Observatory over the years. So a great thank you! to all volunteers who have contributed and of course, to the Savings Bank Foundation for the generous gift.

You can read about the news also from the Savings Bank Foundation's own web pages (in Norweigan):

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