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Norwegian list

The Norwegian list is an overview of all bird species and subspecies that have been encountered within the Norwegian area of ​​responsibility. All species are listed with Norwegian, English and scientific names. Species that are monotypic or where it is uncertain which subspecies occurs in Norway have not specified a subspecies name. Where subspecies is known, this is stated with a scientific name.

The Norwegian list is divided according to the categories recommended by AERC (described in more detail in section 5.2 of the articles of association). Only species in category A, B or C are part of the Norwegian list, but the species in categories D and E are also listed at the bottom.

In order to see the list, CLICK HERE.

Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
Detailed log

Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Little Auk180-97%
European Reed Warbler3-96%
Bearded Reedling1-94%
Two-barred Crossbill6-93%
Great Skua18-91%
Common Stonechat287+2256%
Purple Sandpiper173+779%
Canada Goose139+486%
European Goldfinch3653+469%
European Shag7279+439%
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