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About Lista Bird Observatory

Lista Bird Observatory was founded in 1990, and runs campaigns with standardized mist netting and daily migration counts in the Lista Lighthouse area. The observatory is a member-based organization associated with the Norwegian Ornithological Society (Birdlife International partner).

The observatory's purpose is to document development of bird populations by monitoring bird migration over time. Since 2005, the observatory participates in a Directorate Nature Management's programme. Lista Bird Obervatory is operated by a board, and during spring and autumn campaigns bird ringers and field workers are employed. A nature guide also uses the observatory as origin for his activities, and is employed through Natur og Fritid AS. A good part of the field work at the observatory is performed by volunteers.

Lars Smith

Lars works as ringing assistant at the field station during September-October 2017 and did so also in 2014 and 2015. He has got a pedagogic background from teaching biology and a deep passion for birds outlived through ringing and field ornithology, but mainly earns a living in private bioconsulting. In Denmark he is engaged in the Biological Society and a local ringing group. Lars has gained his ornithological experience in Denmark, but also through projects in Germany, Poland and Ghana and from bird tours all over Europe and in many other parts of the world. He has been a passionate birdwatcher all life.

Aida bilde
Rubén Piculo
Rubén comes from Valencia. He got his ringing license in 2003, when he started collaborating at the department of ecology of the University of València, where he studied biology and a master's degree in ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. After that, he worked as an environmental education instructor using bird ringing. He has also participated in different ringing campaigns like the spring migration campaign at Columbretes Islands, included in the Piccole Isole project or the autumn migration campaign at the Txingudi marshes run by the Aranzadi Society of sciences.

Aida bilde
Aïda López
Aïda came to Lista Bird Observatory in autumn 2012, and is responsible for the management of the station. She has been the responsible for the ringing campaigns in 2013 and 2014. She studied biology at the University of Barcelona, and has previously worked with bird ringing in Greece and Spain. She has been ringing at several Swedish bird observatories including Sundre, Nidingen and Getterön. She has also worked for Uppsala Univeristy on a project studying Flycatchers and for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences on a project studying the movement of wheatears using geologgers. (Photo: Bjørn Hoel).


Previously at Lista Fuglestasjon:

Simon bilde
Ina Tirri
Ina comes from south western Finland where she has a position in BirdLife Finland’s regional organization. She has a master’s degree in ecology and has ornithological experience from counting and ringing birds in different projects. One object of interest are woodpeckers and titmice in winter.
Simon bilde
Nils Helge Lorentzen
Nils ringed his first bird when he was 15 years old and has been since then a passionate ornithologist. He has special interest in Gulls and Mute Swans. He comes from Lista and was working at Lista Bird Observatory from 1990-2002. He is one of the ringers with more experience in Norway and started collaborating with the Norwegian Polar Institute in 2011. For the last 20 years he has been the leader of the Lista Ringing Group.
Simon bilde
Simon Davies
Simon came to Lista for the 2014 autumn campaign and he was responsible for the ringing campaign in 2015. He has worked at several UK bird observatories including Fair Isle and North Ronaldsay as well as further afield, spending spring 2014 in Denmark and all of 2012 at Broome Bird Observatory in Western Australia. He has been a birder all his life working on many different projects, a ringer for 12 years becoming hooked after ringing his first bird on the Isle of Man in 2002 – which was a Raven chick and now can't imagine doing anything else!

Jonas bilde
Jonas Langbråten
Jonas worked as nature guide and outreach person at the observatory from 2013 until 2015. His focus was around the lighthouse area and Lista Bird Observatory, but also the nearby Coastal regions. He has a pedagogic background as a teacher, and has a strong interest in birds and bird life. He comes from Hedmark, where he is engaged in NOF's regional organization, and also in work within the LRSK. Jonas knows the birdlife in the Lista area quite well after many previous visits, and he is often seen with a camera as he also does a bit of freelance photography. (Photo: M. Wold)

Margrethe bilde
Margrethe Wold
Margrethe worked as project manager for the observatory from May 2011 to May 2014. She was responsible for operating and developing the observatory, and also worked with research and analysis of both Jomfruland and Lista bird observatories more than 20-year long time series on bird populations and migration. She has a researcher background within natural sciences, and grew up in the bird-rich region Jæren. In 2011 she moved to Lista and Norway after several years abroad. (Photo: V. Bunes)

Richard bilde
Richard Cope
Richard was working at Lista Bird Observatory through three seasons, from 2010 to 2012. He ran the mist netting and ringing campaigns, as well keeping the daily log over bird migration within the recording area. He comes from London, and has studied ornithology and countryside management at Bishop Burton College in England, with special focus on purple sandpiper. His ringing experience stretches over more than 15 years at different places such as Languard Bird Observatory in Suffolk, Long Point Bird Observatory in Canada and Calf of Man in the Irish Sea. In the winter, he spends time ringing gulls in London. (Photo: M. Wold).
Albert bilde
Albert Burgas Riera
Albert was responsible for the spring campaign 2014. He also participated in the autumn campaign 2013. He has a master degree in terrestrial ecology and biodiversity management from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona where he studied correlations between wild prey abundance and attacks by jaguars and pumas on livestock in Costa Rica. A dedicated birder since early age that likes to go birding around the world. (Photo: M. Wold)

Thomas bilde
Thomas Bentsen
Thomas was from autumn 2012 to autumn 2013 nature guide and outreach responsible, working especially with bird outreach, both at the observatory and in the nearby coastal regions. He has a pedagogic background and a life long interest in ornithology and nature. Previously he has worked as a teacher on the bird-island Røst, and he started mist netting and bird ringing in his early teens. He lives in Mandal, and is also engaged in seabird research in Vest-Agder through the SEAPOP programme. He does volunteer work for LRSK, and has extensive knowledge of both bird life and bird observations in Vest-Agder county. (Photo: M. Wold)



Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
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Reportasje fra Lista FS
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Seasonal deviation
Common Redpoll9-98%
Northern Fulmar35-97%
Black-legged Kittiwake24-93%
Mistle Thrush151+398%
European Shag4218+303%
Rock Dove344+191%
Rock Pipit2231+178%
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