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Norways latest autumn record of Subalpine Warbler at Lista

De norske funnene har sitt tungdepunkt i mai måned, mens høstfunn er sjeldne.

Friday 25th October was a busy day at Lista Bird Observatory. A good number of birds in the field was topped with a male Subalpine Warbler, first found in the field and later captured in the net.

It was 12:30 when the author suddenly discovered a Sylvia Warbler in the bushes just south of the Seawatching hide. The bird was quickly identified as a male Subalpine Warbler. Several observers arrived quickly, the staff at the Bird Observatory and other visiting birdwatchers as well. The Subalpine Warbler was showing well in the bushes for a while, before it it disappeared.

But it was not the end of the story. Approx. two hours after the Subalpine Warbler was discovered in the field, Margrethe went to check the nets and discovered that the bird was captured in the net in the garden just outside the Bird Observatory. This year's standardized bird ringing statistics then got an exclusive addition . The Subalpine Warbler was determined to be a 2K+ male of the subspecies albistriata . This is an eastern subspecies occurs in Balkan and western parts of Turkey.

This is the second time a Subalpine Warbler occurs in the standardized bird ringing at Lista Bird Observatory. Last time was 20 years ago, in 1993, when a 2K male was ringed on the 21th May. That bird was of the western subspecies cantillans. In addition to that, a Subalpine Warbler was ringed at Slevdalsvannet in 1997. This was also a 2K+ male in October (6th). This was also the latest autumn record of Subalpine Warbler in the county of Vest-Agder until now. In addition to the ringed bird in 1993 there are field observations of Subalpine Warbler at Lista Bird Observatory in 2010 and in 2011.

In Norway there are ​​now more than 70 records of Subalpine Warbler. The island Utsira is the best locality for the species in Norway, with more than 50% of all Norwegian records. In 2013, before this record at Lista Bird Observatory, there is one record from Lindesnes (Vest-Agder) and one record from Jæren (Rogaland), both on 19th May. This date harmonizes well with the majority of the Norwegian records, which are records in the spring, mainly in the month of May. Autumn records are rare, and this new record of the Subalpine Warbler is now the latest autum record ever in Norway. A record of a female colored Subalpine Warbler in Rogaland on 23rd October 1997 has now been beaten by two days.

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