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We contribute to research on birds and related subjects at the bird observatory through collaborations with scientists and research groups at both Norwegian and international universities. Below is a list of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, as well as other publications reported during the period 1957-2010.


Kielland V., Stuen S., Skarpaas T., Slettan A., 2010, “Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in Ixodes ricinus ticks collected from migratory birds in Southern Norway”, Acta Veterinaria Scandinavia, 52:59 (pdf)


Bengtsson D. et al. 2009, “Occurrence of Continental Blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla in northern Europe”, Ornis Svecica 19: 41–49, 2009 (link)

Hasle G., et al., 2009, “Transport of ticks by migratory passerine birds to Norway”, J. Parasitol., 95(6), 1342 (link)


Knudsen E., et al., 2007, “Characterizing bird migration phenology using data from standardized monitoring at bird observatories”, Climate Research, 35, 59 (pdf)


Edvardsen E., Røer J.E., Solvang R., Ergon T., Rafoss T., Klaveness G., 2004, “Bestandsovervåkning ved standardisert fangst og ringmerking ved fuglestasjonene”, NOF Rapportserie, Rapport nr. 3-2004 (Program for terrestrisk naturovervåking, Rapport nr 124)(pdf)


Schaub M., Jenni L., 2001, "Stopover migrations of three warbler species along their autumn migration route", Oecologica, 128, 217-227 (pdf)


Schaub M., Jenni L., 2000, "Fuel deposition of three passerine bird species along the migration route", 2000, Oecologica, 122, 306-317 (link)


“Lista Fuglestasjon, årsrapport 1995”, Supplement til Piplerka 27

“Lista Fuglestasjon, årsrapport 1994”, Supplement til Piplerka 25

“Lista Fuglestasjon, årsrapport 1993”, Supplement til Piplerka 24

“Lista Ornitologiske Stasjon, årsrapport 1992”, Piplerka 23, 2

“Lista Ornitologiske Stasjon, årsrapport 1991”, Rapport fra NOF Vest-Agder

“Lista Ornitologiske Stasjon, årsrapport 1990”, Rapport fra NOF Vest-Agder

Griffin D.M., Harrison C.J.O., Swales M.K., 1984, “A review of ornithological observations at Lista, South Norway”, Sterna 23, 3-46

1951 - 1957

Griffin D. M., Nisbet I.C.T., 1953, “Ornithological observations from Lista 1952”, Sterna, 1, 3-35

Harrison, C.J.O., 1957, “Ornithological observations from Lista 1955”, Sterna 29, 101-130

Hyatt, J.H., Mylne C.K., 1952, “Ornithological observations from Lista 1951”, Sterna, 45s

Swales, M.K., 1954, “Ornithological observations from Lista 1953”, Sterna 20, 3-34

Swales, M.K., 1955, “Ornithological observastions from Lista 1953”, Sterna 1, 31s

Ringing numbers
This season603
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Eurasian Siskin1
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Reportasje fra Lista FS
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Seasonal deviation
Lapland Longspur1-97%
Red Knot3-96%
Common Swift9-94%
Crested Tit1-93%
Northern Fulmar43-93%
Common Stonechat85+555%
European Goldfinch306+307%
White-tailed Eagle41+294%
Eurasian Wryneck78+290%
Eurasian Woodcock41+284%
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