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Bluethroats breeding in Norway winter in Asia

Blåstrupe at Lista 1990-2015
Blåstrupe at Lista 1990-2015
Although the Bluethroat has never seen in high numbers at Lista, the tendency shows a strong decline. 2015 is the first year that no Bluethroats have been seen or ringed at Lista lighthouse area.

Last week a new study was published carried out by Norwegian, Czech and Swiss scientists. The article's title is "Red-spotted Bluethroats Luscinia s. svecica migrate along the Indo-European flyway: a geolocator study" and has been published at the Bird Study journal.

By Aïda López

Thanks to some ring recoveries it was known that probably some of the Bluethroat European populations were wintering in Africa (supposing the ones breeding in Central/SW Europe) and some in Asia (supposing the ones breeding in Northern Europe).

On this study they put 40 geolocators on breeding Bluethroats: 30 individuals in Norway and 10 in Czech Republic. The year after, they could recover 4 birds, 2 from Czech Republic and 2 from Norway. From these 4 birds, 3 of them spent the winter in India and 1 in Pakistan. They flew on average more than 6000 km from their breeding areas.

It is known that one of the Czech birds stopped 3 times on its spring migration (during April) on its way back to Europe: first in Afghanistan, then in Turkmenistan and a last stop in western Kazakhstan/Russia border.

This study proves that Bluethroats breeding in Czech Republic and Norway migrate along the Indo-European route.

This is the first time that a study can show where the European breeding Bluethroats spend the winter. It is also the first time that passerines are tracked along the Indo-European migration route.

Bluethroats breed in most of the Norwegian country, excepting the Southern Coast and some eastern areas. This species have been seen every year at Lista, in low numbers lately and none during 2015 (see graphic).

Read the whole article here: "Red-spotted Bluethroats Luscinia s. svecica migrate along the Indo-European flyway: a geolocator study" Terje Lislevand*, Bohumír Chutný, Ingvar Byrkjedal, Václav Pavel, Martins Briedis, Peter Adamik & Steffen Hahn

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