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Bird Race-Lista Fuglefestival 2019
Bird Race-Lista Fuglefestival 2019
Festival 2020

Quiz 2019
Quiz 2019

Bird Race area 2020
Bird Race area 2020
This year the area is reduced. We recommend to cover the area by foot or bycicle.

The weekend August 22-23 we celebrate LISTA BIRD FESTIVAL with party and activities all weekend!

Program 2020

SATURDAY 22nd August - Field day

Lista Bird Race at 06:00 - 15:00
- Team competition around Lista. See as many species as possible in a LIMITED AREA (see photo). Maximum 4 persons pr. team. To know more about it you can send us an email.

Swarovski at the lighthouse 10:00-17:00
- Swarovski bring their products, show the new NL Pure, answer questions and provide service on participants' own Swarovski binoculars and telescopes.
Barbecue at 18:00
- You can bring your own food and we will collaborate with griller, tables, etc

Lecture at 19:30

The British field tornitologist Richard Cope who has worked with us before can not come this year. The lecture is given by Jan Erik Røer who will tell us about the results of 30 years of bird monitoring at Lista Bird Observatory.
Pub and final competition kl 21:30
- Counting competition, questions and then the award of the Norwegian champion in birdwatching. There will be some rare, easy and difficult questions for determining a winner among the three best teams from the Bird-Race. The winner receives a gift certificate of kr. 1500 from Natur of Fritid nature shop!! Second and third position will be compensated with a gift certificate of kr. 1000 and kr. 500.

Due to the corona, Swarovski is unfortunately unable to attend, but we will receive demos of their new binoculars NL Pure, which will instead be visible and tested in the Nature og Fritid store.

SUNDAY 1st September - Public Day

Ringing at 08:30 and 10:00
-See how we ring the birds!!

Bird activities for children 10:30
- Children from 5 yeard old. Several activities.

Bird tour with a guide 12:00
- The tour takes place in areas associated with a protected area. Possibility of renting binoculars (limited number).

Swarovski and Natur og Fritid 10:00-13:00
Natur og Fritid, Lista Bird Observatory's shop will be opened and will showcase the new Swarovski NL Pure. You can also buy: binoculars, guides, T-shirts, etc.

- Open lighthouse and Lista Visitor Center, with shop, coffee and ice-cream!

Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
Detailed log

Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Eurasian Jay5-99%
Little Stint7-97%
European Reed Warbler4-95%
Northern Lapwing123-94%
Tengmalm´s Owl3-93%
Pink-footed Goose3053+1572%
Common Crane72+438%
White-tailed Eagle41+328%
Black Redstart36+318%
Mute Swan293+316%
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