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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

Tengmalm’s owl – Unpredictable at Lista? (07.04.2015)
Last week we ringed three Tengmalm’s owls (Aegolius funereus) at Lista during the only night that the weather let us open the nets. At Jomfruland Bird Observatory there has been more owls than usual this spring, and they have already ringed 21 owls, most of them Tengmalm’s.
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LIBO and Jomfruland Annual repport 2013 (18.03.2015)
A new report from Lista and Jomfruland bird observatories is published. The full report (in Norwegian) can be downloaded. In 2013, especially birds that feed on invertebrates taken from the ground, like Lapwings and Woodcock, got serious problems in the early spring. A portion of the first Lapwings that arrived to Norway, nesting at Lista, died of cold / starvation. It was unusually cold throughout Europe in this period and the first migratory birds that arrived was evidently in very poor condition.
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It’s a Redchat! (03.03.2015)
The mystery bird at Lista B.O. – A real sensation!
Finally, after more than one year of suspense, we can certainly say that the “mystery bird” caught at Lista Bird Observatory on 18 September 2013 was a male hybrid, result of the breeding between a female Whinchat and a male Common Redstart. The first known hybrid from two different genera within the Muscicapidae family.

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Bird exhibition at Nordberg Fort, Lista (23.02.2015)
The exhibition Fugletrekkets gåter: The Mystery of Bird Migration - 100 year of Bird ringing in Norway, will be displayed at Lista Museum at Nordberg Fort from 29th of March. It is a close connection between the theme of this exhibition and the work we do at Lista Bird Observatory. Take the tour to Nordberg, see the exhibition, and find out!
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Noen ganger kan det nytte! (14.01.2015)
NVE valgte å si nei til konsesjonssøknaden om vindkraftverk på Siragrunnen den 13.januar. Dette var et vindkraftverk som kunne ha kommet rett i Lista Fuglestasjons nærområde. I prosessen har stasjonens materiale og kunnskap om fuglene som trekker gjennom området vært viktig, sammen med andre faktorer. Ved fuglestasjonen er vi svært fornøyd med at vårt materiale kommer til nytte i behandlingen av slike store og viktige saker.
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Jay - irruptive species of the autumn (15.09.2014)
If you have been to the western part of the Lista peninsula in the recent weeks, you should have noticed that the Jay (Garrulus glandarius) occurs in large numbers. Flocks of different sizes are constantly trying to migrate from the lighthouse area, and the daily numbers of migrating birds as well as ringed birds are higher than ever before.
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Wagtail colour ringing (13.04.2014)
Lista Bird Observatory participates this year in a national colour ringing project for wagtails. The project is run by Sunnmøre Ringing Group, and hopefully many ringers in Norway will take part in the effort.
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Blue tit movements over Lista (06.04.2014)
Skye-blue hood, black mask and yellow-breasted, small and aggressive. Blue tit is a well-known bird for many, and bird ringers are well familiar with the strength that lies in a blue tit bill. After a day of ringing blue tits, fingers can be quite sore. A substantial movement of blue tits crosses Lista each autumn, and here we take a closer look at what characterizes this movement.
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Norwegian record for pied wagtails at Lista (21.03.2014)
The first wagtails to show up every year is a welcomed sign that spring is coming, and some of the first individuals to arrive every year belong to the subspecies pied wagtail. Normally, only a few individuals are seen every year, but this year something out of the ordinary has happened.
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NRK innslag om glente på Dagsrevyen 21 (13.03.2014)
Våren er kommet for fullt til Lista, og det har også de første trekkfuglene med vipe og stær. Ikke uventet dukker også de første sjeldenhetene opp. Mandag 10.mars hadde Geir Birkeland gleden av å oppdage en glente. Så dukket NRK opp og laget innslag med Geir som fortalte villig om vårens første fugleeventyr.
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New report from Jomfruland and Lista (07.03.2014)
Lista and Jomfruland bird observatories monitor migrating birds, both via mist netting and through direct migration counts. Both observatories have long time series with monitoring data, documenting population trends for numerous species. The observatories report from the monitoring programme to the Norwegian Environment Agency annually.
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Norways latest autumn record of Subalpine Warbler at Lista (29.10.2013)
Friday 25th October was a busy day at Lista Bird Observatory. A good number of birds in the field was topped with a male Subalpine Warbler, first found in the field and later captured in the net.
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Mystery Bird at Lista Bird Observatory (22.09.2013)
On September 18 this mysterious bird was trapped and caused some real identification problems.
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Earlier migration of greylag geese (15.08.2013)
Autumn migration for greylag geese peaks in Southern Norway these days, and many greylags are seen crossing the Lista peninsula. We present an analysis of the migration counts from Lista Bird Observatory from 1990 until 2012 showing that the peak of migration has moved forward in time compared to the 90s. While autumn migration seems to be strongly influenced by the start of the hunting season, spring migration could be influenced by the earlier arrival of spring. The shift in spring migration corresponds to about one week, and for autumn migration the shift is approximately two weeks.
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A good start of autumn campaign 2013 (24.07.2013)
The 24th autumn season started at Lista Bird Observatory a little over a week ago. The ringing campaign has started well, with sunny days, warm and calm weather, and many young birds around. By the 23rd of July we have ringed 421 birds og 32 species.
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