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Gifts and donations
By giving a gift to Lista Bird Observatory, small or big, you are helping to support the station's work. Please send an email to if you wish to make a donation. Thank you!
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Contributions to the operation of the bird station are greatly appreciated. Make a contribution in these difficult times. Feel free to VIPPS us on number: 654426
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Nature Shop
There is one of the best nature shops in the country at Lista, where you can buy binoculars, telescopes, cameras, books, bird ringing material, and may other things. Have a look at Natur og fritid!

Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
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Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons. View deviation of seasons

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Siste 5 på siden
  We have VIPPS! ;-)
  The annual report for 2020 is available!
  Begynnerkurs i ringmerking: 1.-2. mai 2021
  Report from autumn 2020
  Record number of Pink-footed Goose during autumn 2020 at Lista!

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