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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

The Scandinavian Triple (07.11.2019)
Do you want to contribute to a major initiative and take part in not only one but three Scandinavian Bird Observatories!? This year we offer for the first time a volunteering package:
The Scandinavian Triple! Come to
Skagen - Ottenby - Lista

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Begynnerkurs i ringmerking: 04.-05. mai 2019 (31.10.2018)
Kurset avholdes som et weekend-kurs i perioden 04.-05. mai på Lista Fuglestasjon i Farsund kommune. Dette kurset passer for de som har ingen, eller lite ringmerkingserfaring, og ønsker å lære det mest grunnleggende. Kurset passer også for de som har ringmerket før og trenger mer erfaring til å få ringmerkingslisensen. Kurset arrangeres av Lista Fuglestasjon i samarbeid med NOF.
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Bird of the week - Merlin (13.09.2018)
Merlin -Falco columbarius-
The Merlin is our smallest bird of prey. It breeds in the mountains and mostly moves out of the country in the winter...

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LISTA FUGLEFESTIVAL 2018 (03.09.2018)
Helgen 25.-26. august gikk Lista Fuglefestival av stabelen. I år hadde arrangørene Lista Fuglestasjon og Besøkssenter Våtmark Lista slått på stortromma, og invitert verdensrekordholder Arjan Dwarshuis til å holde årets foredrag, og til å ta del i resten av festivalen.
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Bird of the week - Greylag Goose (05.08.2018)
Greylag Goose -Anser anser- The Greylag goose is well known to many. It has increased in number and expanded its breeding areas, and is found both along the coast and in moorlands.
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Bird of the week - Dunlin (23.07.2018)
Dunlin -Calidris alpina-
Previously, the southern subspecies of Dunlin (Calidris alpina schinzii) was breeding at Lista, but nowadays it breeds higher up in Norway...

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Bird of the week - Common Crossbill (16.07.2018)
Common Crossbill -Loxia curvirostra-
Crossbills are fascinating finches specialist feeders on conifer seeds...

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Bird of the week - Common Linnet (10.07.2018)
Common Linnet -Carduelis cannabina-
The Common Linnet is a common species in the cultural landscape of Lista, where it breeds over most of the peninsula...

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House Martin -Delichon urbicum- (27.06.2018)
House Martin -Delichon urbicum-
The House Martin builds its nest of clay on the outside of house or barn walls down the eaves, which has given somehow its name...

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Report from spring 2018 (21.06.2018)
Lista Bird Observatory completed in 2018 its 28th consecutive year of spring ringing campaign. The station has been run for a total of 87 days from March 15 until June 10. The results have been lower than normal years with 918 birds ringed (average for spring is 1030) of 47 different species.
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Bird of the week - Common Swift (15.06.2018)
Common Swift -Apus apus-
The Common Swift is the only representative of the Swift family breeding in Norway...

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Bird of the week - Common Whitethroat (11.06.2018)
Common Whitethroat -Sylvia communis-
The Common Whitethroat is a characteristic species of bushes and shrubs in the cultural landscape of Lista...

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Bird of the week - Common Cuckoo (20.05.2018)
Common Cuckoo -Cuculus canorus-
The Coomon Cuckoo's "koo-koo" is a well-known sound for most of the people. It can be heard from May and early summer, when it has returned from spending the winter in Africa...

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Bird of the week - Red-throated Diver (10.05.2018)
Red-throated Diver -Gavia stellata-
The Red-throated Diver is a big waterbird with a characteristic long body, pointed beak and swimming feet visible behind the body when flying...

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Bird of the week - Willow Warbler (29.04.2018)
Willow Warbler -Phylloscopus trochilus-
This species is Norway's most common bird that breeds all over the country...

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Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
Detailed log

Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Spotted Nutcracker4-98%
Sedge Warbler19-95%
Eurasian Bullfinch14-94%
Northern Lapwing127-94%
Common Redpoll387-91%
White-tailed Eagle32+337%
Common Buzzard285+314%
Eurasian Collared Dove100+297%
Carrion Crow55+282%
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  The Scandinavian Triple
  Begynnerkurs i ringmerking: 04.-05. mai 2019
  Bird of the week - Merlin
  Bird of the week - Greylag Goose

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